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Boutique Body Fitness owner Lisa Tanker-Potts is considered the guru of fitness and lifestyle for women looking to change or enhance their lives through fitness. Lisa has been able to help thousands of women achieve healthy lifestyles with the "Bikiniology" Fitness Program she designed.  

Lisa’s trademark is her positive attitude, warm energy, willingness to help others and her expertise in helping women of all ages get into the shape of their dreams. Lisa’s clients call her the “Glam Girl of Fitness" as she not only helps them get physically fit but also teaches them beauty tips to compliment their gorgeous physique. Lisa’s upbeat spirit and ability to make every client feel exclusive has quickly propelled her to be a top sought after fitness trainer and lifestyle expert. 


A native of Decatur, Georgia, Lisa earned an undergraduate in Healthcare Management thereafter going on to earn her Master of Health Administration and Master of Business Administration. After working 8 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Lisa decided to follow her passion of helping people become fit by fusing her knowledge of healthcare with fitness. Lisa became a trainer and began coaching her clients to good health. Lisa’s approach to training has been to educate clients on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle so that they can be healthy and maintain a beautiful body everyday of their life.


Lisa is a true role model in the fitness industry. As the owner of Boutique Body Fitness, she lives each day as she advises her clients therefore being the example of true fitness. If you’ve been around Lisa, you will surely hear her say Fitness is Fun... Fitness is Love...Fitness is Balance...Fitness is Peace... Fitness is a Spiritual Journey... Lisa truly is the epitome of Fitness.





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